Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I sign up to
All you need to do is fill up our short and simple join form. After your account is created, just login to the control panel and obtain the HTML codes. You can instantly generate revenues by placing those codes into your web pages.

2. Is an ad network? maintains a robust "network" of publisher sites. Our inventory is flexible and our focus is on targeted reach inside quality channels. We serve the needs of advertisers with highly-tailored campaigns, unlike traditional ad networks.

3. How is different than traditional ad networks?
To put it simply, traditional ad networks sell their inventory in bulk. Usually, this means good reach and poor targeting.'s flexible offerings and exceptional technology allow you to tailor your campaign to reach the intended audience in the right place at the right time. Unlike traditional ad networks, we can offer site-specific and channel-wide placements, getting you closer to the exact audience you need to reach.

4. How does prevent fraud? takes fraudulent activity very seriously. Although we do not release proprietary details for our own protection, we do have a strong preventative system that will not even recognize fraud as legitimate within our system (i.e. bots, etc). If we do discover that a publisher has committed fraudulent activity that was not caught by our system all advertising dollars spent on that publisher's sites would be credited back to the advertiser's account.

5. Can I be a publisher with as well as an advertiser?
Of course, being one does not restrict you from being the other as well, we even allow you to fund advertising campaigns with the earnings you generate as a publisher!

6. How can I increase my revenues?
We've seen a number of approaches that work well:

* Experiment with ad placement and color scheme - depending on your app layout and user flow, sometimes ads perform better in different placements. It's often helpful to experiment and see what performs best for your app.

* Place multiple ads on a single page - this boosts your total impressions and often increases the likelihood that a user might click. Just remember to create separate ad tags for each ad placement within your application. This will help with your reporting and performance analysis, and will also help us better target the placements, resulting in higher eCPMs.

7. What do I get if I refer someone?
You will earn 1 Euro made for each person you refer to, but it will be paid only for active users. This is ongoing, so you will earn the commission for the life.